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 This is The Machakos Girls' High School Administration Block. The Principal addressing students at the Assembly. Students at the generall assembly.


To prepare complete girls who will participate and contribute meaningfully to the academic, socio-economic and political environment.


A centre of education and excellence for girls in Kenya and the world.


Success is Doing the Extra

PRIZE GIVING DAY - 12/06/2010

 Principal, F. Mulatya  
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 Attentive students listening the Principals speech.  Form 4s candidates 2010 who are determined to attain grade A in MAthematics together with their Maths teachers: Mrs. J. Njeru & Mrs. Michael  


Good afternoon,
May I take this opportunity to welcome all of you to Machakos Girls’.  It is a great honour and privilege to us as Machakos Girls’ Community to have you here with us today.  Our theme for this year is soaring to higher academic heights. You are all once again welcome.

Sir, I would like to thank you in a very special way for accepting to come to preside over our today’s prize giving day.  We are proud to be with all our partners (stakeholders) to take the stock of our school academic and physical development since its inception.  We hope that you have enjoyed the students’ demonstrations and entertainments.  We are trying very hard as a team to build the “Machakos Girls’ we want”.  Our school goals and objectives are clearly set to promote and protect the “the girl-child.”

Kindly allow me to give a brief history of our school.
Machakos Girls’ High School was started as a Primary School for boys under the name Government African School in 1915. In 1946, the Primary School became a mixed school for boys and girls.
In 1950, the school was split and all the boys were moved to the now Machakos School. The school name changed to “Government African Girls’ Intermediate School.”
1959 – The first Form 1 class of 12 girls was started.
1960 – The school had Form 1 and 2 and standards 6, 7 and 8 of Intermediate classes.
The name was then changed to MACHAKOS GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL
1965 - A double stream in Form 1 class was started.
1968 – Machakos Girls’ High School became a triple stream school, Form 1-4.
1972 – A form 5 Arts class was started.
1978 – A second Arts stream was granted, but was changed to a Science stream in 1984.
2007  -  A Fourth stream in Form I was started
Machakos Girls’ High School is currently a Girls’ Boarding Public Provincial School serving all the districts of Eastern Province, and we also have many students from other provinces of our country.
Students Enrolment : 814

Teaching Staff:           Male         11  Non-teaching Staff:  Male    20
                               Female       22                        Female       08                   
                BOG Teachers              6                          Total =      28
                                   Total      39

Ladies and Gentlemen, the curriculum we offer is in line with the Ministry of Education Guidelines and is diversified.  Apart from the compulsory teaching subjects, we offer French, Computer, Agriculture, Home science, Fine Art and Music.
Sir, in co-curricular activities, the school performs well in Science Congress, athletics, Swimming among others.  This term the school presented Science Congress items upto Provincial Level.

The following are the development projects achieved by the school between 2008 – 2010:
1) Construction of form I classroom
2) Construction of Dormitory
3) Partially equipping of school library
4) Ongoing extension of Dinning hall.
The following are our set backs:
1)  Equipping of School Library
2)  Completion and equipping of Dining Hall.
I sincerely thank the government, parents and well-wishers for enabling the school to achieve the above mentioned development projects.
Sir, as we talk of Education today and be role models, we have to refer to history very often.  It is history which constructs the present that determine the future.  Intuitively, it is what you do now, that will determine your future. 
The past is just a reference to determine your present position in time and space.  We have to capitalize on the available time and space presented to us and for our students I encourage them to read as if there is NO reading tomorrow!

Now for you students, yours is an adventure cushioned by past success.  Your predecessors were disciples of faith and posterity will label you heroes of faith.  I urge you to work very hard so that the resources invested by our parents, teachers and the Government towards your education are not put to waste.  My dear daughters, Ben Carson of “Think Big” fame says rightly that to be a genius, its “99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”.  You cannot achieve success by the holding of your hands.  I urge you to therefore work harder in order to realize your life dreams.  Try to be the best you can ever knowing well that God created you to overcome and not be subdued.  Let nothing no matter how big stand between you and the way to success and have confidence in your God given abilities.

In academic, we are struggling to do even better.  Last year’s K.C.S.E. results registered a mean 7.98 up from 7.95 with an improvement index of 0.002 out of total of 149 students we had a total of 126 who had C+. The general breakdown of our performance is as follows:

A- 2
B+ 26
B 32
B- 33
C+ 33
C 12
C- 9
D+ 1
D 1
TOTAL  149
Today Sir, we are awarding 28 students whom we are quite sure they will join our Public Universities.  “They are our heroines today”. 
Our daughters put God first in whatever you will do and keep the flag of Machakos Girls’ flying wherever you’ll go.  Let the Master God be with you always even if it means no friends.  Remain faithful to the lives you’ll choose in life.

Sir the girls do very well in Science subjects.  In Chemistry we had 149 students who sat for K.C.S.E. last year, 8 students had grade ‘A’,  65 students had C+ and above  and in Physics we had 68 students, 5 students had grade ‘A’ and 31 students had grade C+ and above.  Mathematics 149 students sat for KCSE, 21 students had grade ‘A’ and 73 students had grade ‘C+’ and above.

We are proud of you girls – the school produced the best student in the Machakos District, STELLA MBITHE and she is already working with Equity Bank.  Keep on rising up!  You filled us with joy and we thank God for you. I am filled with an emotion of admiration I cannot put in words, as I see the effort of all of you in particular the pace setters. Once again congratulations my dear daughters.

Sir, our students now have a high sense of discipline and are focused.  Discipline is a very important ingredient for any successful school set-up.  They are charming, beautiful and neat girls.  Their presence renews and cheers all of us in Machakos Girls’.  They are
humble and respectful girls ready to face challenges after school.  We are optimistic for
good academic performance since discipline is the key to success.  To get the best from a school, students must uphold high levels of behaviour, moral values and spirituality.

Ladies and gentlemen, the teaching staff in this school is highly committed in ensuring high level of academic performance.  Teaching is not just a career but a vocation; a great calling!  I still encourage them to teach as if NO teaching tomorrow.  For in Psalms 128:2 the Bible says:  “when you eat the labour of your hands, you shall be happy, and it shall be well with you”.  In your preparation, disclose those divine attributes which your Maker gave you when He created man in His own image.

I wish to congratulate the teachers for their good job and encourage them to do better than even before-teachers congratulations! 
The Bible is very clear on our responsibilities in the book of James 3:1 “My brethren let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.”

Ladies and gentlemen, if education is to serve all these useful purposes, we must readily invest heavily in it. Parents must particularly assist in a number of ways:
•Provision of adequate and suitable physical facilities
•Paying school fees on time.
•Providing parental guidance to your daughters.
•Monitoring the progress of your children in terms of academic and discipline.
You are best-equipped to teach your children the facts and the truth about growing up.  You have done it before and let’s work hand in hand in this noble task.

On behalf of the entire school community Ladies and gentlemen, let me sincerely pass my appreciation to the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education for Tuition waiver hence increasing access to education for all children.
This implies that equal opportunity to school is made available for both gender and children with special needs.

Ladies and gentlemen, Machakos Girls is reading out for a new and boundless frontier though the challenges are great; our Mission must remain fixed; determined to be among the best in the country.  We are consciously aware that success does not just come on silver plate and National schools in Kenya were not lowered from Heaven by God but by sweat of men and women.

Sir, the energy, the faith, the devotion, dedication, determination which will bring to this Endeavour will light our school and all who serve it and the glow from the fire will truly light the Nation and put us among the best in the Country, for in Machakos Girls’ Education is our Treasure!

Martin Luther asked, what is your dream?  Machakos Girls’ we have a definite plan of vision.  We must run for a name and we re working with End in mind.  
Otherwise a wise man said, “He who does not know the way, does not get lost”.  We know the way and our target and we are consciously aware that to get what you   want, we should change who we are by simply changing the way we think and act like the person we want to become!! That’s why Sir, we have gone benchmarking and visiting schools, like Starehe, Alliance, Utumishi Academy among others.
This reminds of a German Philosopher – Gothe, who said “before you do something, you first be something”.  People who are successful, they require no resource external to yourelf.  The only question you need to ask yourself is “Am I there yet?”  And for this we resolute that; Machakos Girls’ we have a dream.  We require no external resource except God and ourselves.

Our desire must be driven by our REASON.  The journey to success is full of parking bays, we have unpacked our cars!! Because if Thomas Edison had not accepted on his nine hundredth attempt to creating the first light bulb we would still be plunged in the darkness!!
Machakos Girls’ with help of God must be felt again and its roar from now onwards will be heard!!
Ladies and gentlemen our daughters are very precious and I treasure girls’ Education.  I sincerely do.  It’s my hope that you will all join me in this noble task as regularly said “WHEN YOU EDUCATE A WOMAN, YOU HAVE EDUCATED THE NATION” AND NO DREAM IS TOO BIG TO ACHIEVE”.

Machakos Girls’ Community leads the Doctrine of the strenuous life, guided by words of Ralph Waldo Emerson who said “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”.

I once again thank you all for sacrificing your time to come and grace the day with us which marks a milestone of our school calendar.  Once again welcome to the conducive serene environment provided by Kiima Kimwe Hills.




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